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Shopping Cart

eCommerce sites are among the most costly on the Internet. In most cases they require many additional features from the Web Hosting Company, such as database support, Secure Servers, etc.

Let us add a shopping cart to your web site. Our 'Shopping Cart Deluxe Plan' will add up to 20 items (with pictures) to your site, without any additional charge.

We can offer an economical solution for your needs. Your shopping cart can utilize  PayPal payments. There will be no need for all the extras of the highly expensive eCommerce sites. PayPal will handle all your security needs. We have used this service for over three years, and have had no problems.

How does it work?

The Shopping Experience:

bulletBuyers on your website will click on the 'Add to Cart' buttons next to each item they wish to purchase.
bulletThe 'Add to Cart' buttons will launch a mini-browser hosted by PayPal. This page will display the contents of their shopping cart including: each item's name, number, quantity, and price. It will also include the shipping, handling and total.
bulletFrom this mini-browser, your buyers can change the quantity of an item, delete an item from the cart, continue shopping, or check out.
bulletIf a buyer clicks on 'Continue Shopping', the buyer will be taken back to your site. The buyer can return to the cart by clicking the Shopping Cart Icon or clicking on 'Add to Cart' to purchase another item. If a buyer clicks on 'Check Out', he/she will be taken through the PayPal payment flow.

A Purchase is Made:

When your buyer completes payment to you:
bulletThe funds will be instantly credited to your account.
bulletYou will receive an email notification.
bulletThe buyer will receive an email receipt.
bulletThe details of the transaction will appear in both your history log, as well as your buyer's history log.

To learn more about PayPal click here! You will need a Business or Premier account at PayPal to utilize this feature. But it is free to set up. PayPal charges a minimal fee for each transaction.


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