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Photo Galleries

These photo galleries can be used for just about any reason. In a family page, they would most like be pictures of children and grandchildren. I'm a little partial to mine, so several are pictured here.

But, a photo gallery could be useful in many other ways. A restaurant could show picture of it's menu items, an auctioneer could show items in the sale, real estate sales people could show pictures of their listings, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Click on the picture to enlarge, then click the 'Back' button of your browser to return to this page.


In Debbie's front yard at Easter

Camilly and Cierra

Easter at Debbies


Look what I found

Connie and Ron

Getting them to pose was a tough job.


Kylee will pose anytime. She always takes a nice picture.


The newest member of the family - Three days old at the time of this picture.


She was a little moody on Christmas Eve.


But her mood changed when she started unwrapping.

We can layout the pictures in several different formats; vertical, horizontal, or in a montage, as seen below.

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