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Features and Services

Below is a partial list of some of the features and services we employ on your web page. This list is always growing. Just click on the feature to see it in action.

  Shopping Carts - (Now you can have your own shopping cart on your website, and it will not cost the family fortune.)
Animated Intros (Add sparkle to your site with an animated introduction)
Interactive Maps (Get directions from anywhere to anywhere)
Search Engines (Allows a visitor to search your site to find the information wanted)
Photo Galleries (Photos of everything and anything)
Stock Quotes (Get the latest stock quotes from MoneyCentral)
Headlines from MSNBC (News, Sports, Technology, Weather, etc.)
Guest Books and Contact Forms (These are becoming essential)

More options and services we offer;

Domain Name Registration
50 MB of web space (More, if necessary)
5 eMail addresses (More, if necessary)
One year of FREE Website Hosting
Submission to Search Engines
Site optimization to get you the best rankings
Site maintenance
Flash Animation (Extensive Plan)
Logo Design (Extensive Plan)
We will make all your pictures web-friendly.
We can scan your images, or use your digital pictures.
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If you want more, just ask!

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