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Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)

Since 1987, the ASP has been dedicated to the advancement of shareware, also known as try-before-you-buy software, as an alternative to conventional retail marketing of software. Today the ASP is a vibrant organization with hundreds of members around the world working together to improve their businesses and making it easier for computer users to find quality software at reasonable prices.

ASP members are known world-wide for creating quality software at reasonable prices. If you are tired of buying retail software that isn't as good as the picture on the box, and that doesn't quite meet your needs, then discover the world of try-before-you-buy software. Whether you're looking for complete applications, utilities, games, development tools, or any other type of software, chances are good that an ASP member has developed the right software for you. Only buy software when you're sure it meets your needs. Save time and money with the try-before-you-buy method. Visit the official ASP download site if you wish to download free evaluation copies of members' products, or refer to the members' sites listed below.

Updated: Wednesday, 03-Jul-2002 04:01:57 CDT

100% Cotton Software
Utility, entertainment, and sports software since 1986.

12Ghosts Inc
Developer of 12Ghosts Windows Utilities.

1stCriteria Co Ltd
Offers first criteria shareware.

200 Shareware Links/M&R Tech
200+ free links to shareware programs you can download now! Your source for shareware on the Internet.

21-6 Productions Inc
Develops games and provides consulting for game and non-game related product development.

@Macarlo Incorporated
News, Links, Evaluations of Shareware for OS/2 Warp, Windows, MacOS, UNIX. Associated wtih CNET, Inc.

A1 Shareware Evaluations
The internets oldest shareware review site.

AAA Database Solutions
Custom software, Webquest form designer.

Developer of educational programs for PC and MAC.

ABF Software Inc
Custom software development and web design. Shareware and Freeware. End-user applications. Components for developers.

ACD Systems Ltd
Image viewing/management software development. Instant messaging software development.

AGIS Software
Simple mapping/GIS shareware for Windows.

AHA! Software Inc
Non-violent freeware and shareware games for all ages, including Santa's Secret Valley and other graphical adventures.

AI Cusp Inc
Metanoia - Intellectual Command Center for the social sciences.

Handy utilities for your business and home.

Productivity-boosting, award-winning software for Windows and Word for Windows. Free Trials.

The worlds largest and oldest PD and Shareware vendor that specializes in Acorn RISC-OS machines.

APT Computer Solutions Inc
Software to manage mailing lists, schedule rooms, etc., and home inventory management.

Abri Technologies
Shareware, demos, freebies. Pawn shop software, database file repair utility, barcode fonts, graphing package.

AcaStat Software
Educational software and research tools.

AccSoft Shareware
Developer of Account Pro (accounting), Account Pro Invoice (invoicing), and Converter Pro (unit conversion).

Accipiter Software Inc
Primarily a service company, we will begin offering small products under the name COGNICODE.

Accord Software & Systems Pvt
Developers of software products as well as offer software services to a world market.

AccuSolve Inc
Trial downloads of shareware Web site submission and promotion software and random password generator software.

Develops MP3 software, including an MP3 CD burner, an MP3 mixer (Internet Audio Mix), and an MP3 To Wave converter.

AcroVista Software
Developer of Internet applications. Products include AlarmWiz, RASMaster, GovernMail and BabyAce.

Acute Systems
Developers of software for moving data between Macintosh and Windows PC.

Addictive Software
Develops component spell checking software for use by application developers.

Advanced Data Solutions
Software for clubs/associations, churches, and charities/non-profit.

Develops software products for creating icons, cursors, and small images.

Aiswaryam Computers
We do projects for college/schools, hospitals, financials & related.

Aladdin Systems Inc
The leader in access management. Developers of the compression standard StuffIt.

Alawar Entertainment
A software-creating company that develops and distributes computer games and multimedia products.

Alcoda Software
Since 1994, Alcoda Software has developed award-winning text editor and spell check applications (EXE & DLL) for Windows

Alfa Corporation
Produces drivers, components, and programs for Win32 related to file, registry, etc.

AlfaAlfa Software
AlphaPad Notes Organizer - Explorer-like text editor which allows for hierarchiacal storage of information.

Alhademic Group
Games software.

Allied Business Systems Inc
Business productivity software for Windows and Unix.

AlphaBase Systems Inc
Worlds first voice controlled peer-to-peer media manager.

Alpine Software
Developers of home, business, and hobby organization software.

Alt-N Technologies Ltd
A software development company, which created the popular email server, MDaemon, and fax server, RelayFax.

Anaplastic Software

Andreas Wulf Software
Publisher of WebExe and HTML Guard.

Anoxy Software
Developers of "Pop-Up menu creator", specializing in web applications development.

More than 3000 shareware and freeware in french.

Anti-Trojan Network
Fast and reliable trojan remover which detects trojan horses using portscan, registry- and diskscan.

NetAnts Free - fast download manager. LinkSurvey - multiple websites link popularity checker.

Application Techniques Inc
Offers award-winning screen capture and printing software for Windows and DOS. Founded in 1981.

Aquila Software
Producer of Examine32, the versatile text search utility for Windows.

Arcata Pet Software
Producers of graphics viewers, wallpaper managers, and screen savers.

Archer Analysis
Specialized point & figure charting software for the stock market.

Argile Consulting
User controlled software

Music MasterWorks - MIDI music editor and sequencer, now with voice to note capability.

Aspiring Software
Develops exciting and useful products for the PC and PDAs.

Atelier Web
Specialists in high-power Network Security tools.

Atlantic Coast PLC
The oldest shareware registration service in the world (SWREG) - we also publish software.

Atlantic Software Exchange Inc
Time to make money yet? Trust an expert to turn your software into money. It's Free.

Atypie Software
Since 1996, Atypie Software provides Windows utilities: compresion, backup, spam killers.

Avaion Inc
A start-up company that develops solutions for mobile customers.

BAPSoft Ltd
Development and support organization, and the home of DLLAide(tm) utility software.

BAxBEx Software
Shareware and Freeware

BFM Software
Games and CD software.

BLS Software
Home of Invoice! 2000, invoicing made easy.

BTS Unlimited LLC
BTW Unlimited automation center / Our products make life easier for programmers and end users alike.

BVS Development
BVS Solitaire Collection - huge collection of original solitaire games from Russia that you won't find elsewhere.

Barefoot Productions Inc
Windows software development and consulting services.

Shareware Hall of Fame member.

Basta Computing
Award winning productivity software.

BayBuild Solutions

BellCraft Technologies
Bring your desktop to life with Microsoft Agent animated, talking characters that listen and react to voice commands.

Bergougnoux Consulting
EndUser4GL: A new 4GL for all people: Query/SQL/Report/Sort/Office/Windows/Internet (to morrow)

Bernard D&G
Online demos creation made easy and fast. Turbo Demo is the most effective way to explain how software (& more) works.

BigOdot GmbH
Develops multilingual shareware like screen capture tools, system info tools, stock exchange tools.

Primary products include 3D graphics and animation utilities.

Bitberry Software
Makers of BitZipper, a Winzip compatible compression tool, and compression libraries for Borland C++ Builder.

Bitsmith Software
Creators of Personal Knowbase, a freeform keyword-based organizer for your notes, messages, and ideas.

Bitz & Pixelz
Collectorz.com - collection management products. Canasta for Windows - cardgame

Producer of three full-featured business application programs: Accounting, Billing, and Money Pro.

Blue Elephant Software
Publisher of InfoSnorkle, a personal productivity tool for extracting information from the internet.

Blueberry Consultants Ltd
Bespoke software development and consultancy.

Bodine Communications LLC
Makers of tech toys & humor products.

Boundaries Unlimited Inc
Developers of niche software, incl AviMate for bird breeders, BirdSpeech for bird owners, & LinKtoLinK for webmasters.

Boxer Software
Developer of award-winning text editors that appeal to programmers, writers, and computer hobbyists.

Brain Block Interactive Inc
Creates puzzle, action, and strategy shareware products.

Braser Soft
Educational programs related to language learning. Programs to learn Spanish, and for Spanish speakers to learn English.

Briggs Softworks
Home of CryptaPix, Puffer, File Maven, Order Maven, Calendar Commander, and other Windows programs.

Browse3D Corporation
Browse3D Browser, a unique product for quickly finding, organizing, saving, and exchanging web-based content in 3D rooms

Burton Computer Corporation
Creators of CoffeeLink News Server, the ideal NNTP discussion server for intranets.

Business Functions Ltd
Provides financial modelling software for the Excel spreadsheet.

Buster Software
Now developing free and shareware versions of many of our family oriented software products, downloads at bustersoft.com

Bytesize CD-Rom
Shareware CD-ROM

C Ghisler & Co
Our product "Windows Commander" is a file manager with a two file panel layout. It includes a ZIP packer and FTP client.

C Point
Creates developer tools for programming, web, and multimedia applications.

C.C.T.S. Enterprises
Offers contracting services and shareware products.

C.Sitte Softwaretechnik
WDiff displays the differences between two text files or between two directories or ZIP archives side by side.

C4F - Concepts for Future Lda
Makers of the award winning System Cleaner, ArchiveXpert, PostXpert, and BackupXpert.

CAM Development
My Personal Diary Business Card Desiginer Plus Label + Envelope Designer Plus

CD Expert
Currently the #1 PC Games magazine in Brazil.

CG Software
Computer Admin tracking software for IT/IS professionals tracking hardware, software, assets.

Home of VaryView, super fast image viewer for vector and raster graphic files.

Download.com is the world's largest try before you buy software directory.

CPR International Inc
Home construction cost estimating system for Excel with localized cost data and user-modifiable parameters.

CW Software

CW Technical Services
Developer of easy to use Mortgage Minder software for Windows.

Callahan Enterprises
Online PR and Marketing.

Can Do Software
Sells software for private and government niche markets. For now, has Bidding & Sales software. More to come.

Carolina Road Software LLC
Home of Jarte: a free, unique, and full featured word processor and Wordpad replacement.

Castillo Bueno Systems
Home of award winning software programs: Download CCZip and CCViewer.

Castle Software Ltd
Committed to bringing you the Windows utilities you need at a price you can afford.

Catalytic Data Systems
Provide optimization programs manufacturing: Optical cutting- sales/marketing: Forecasting hypothesis testing

Catfood Software
Catfood FTP for updating web sites, Catfood Quote for handy stock tracking, Fortune Cookies, more.

Cd-rom Studio
Our purpose: Allow anyone to make web and cd-rom creations without any programming.

Celestial Software
Provides "best of class" telnet and Secure Shell (SSH) solutions for the demanding user.

Soccer tracking software, lottery softwares, and other products.

Centered Systems
Developer of Second Copy software for automatic backups.

Cerious Software Inc
Home of ThumbsPlus! Intuitive management and editing of your graphic files.

Cherry Tree Software
Family Tree Journal - An MS-DOS based genealogy program designed to produce complete family history books.

Cimaware Software
ExcelFix: Excel recovery shareware for corrupt Excel files. Free demo download. All Windows versions.

Web-based game development, soon to create Shareware games.

Codestone Ltd
Software tools development.

CoffeeCup Software Inc
The creators of the #1 downloaded website tools on the net! Over 4,000,000 users and counting...

Colasoft Co Ltd
Specializes in security and network monitoring software for the internet and local area networks.

Collake Software
Specializes in systems utilities, developer tools, compression, and information security.

Command Line Software
Home of Family Picture Calendar and Doug's Word Search.

CompuBridge Inc
Provides spell checker products for internet email and Microsoft Office applications.

Computer Knowledge
Computer Knowledge produces tutorials, computer info white papers, and E-mail newsletter.

Software for the home user: From My Kitchen (recipes) and Friends And Families (contact mgr/reminders)

Configuration Management Serv
Extensions to SourceSafe providing improved reporting, task based CM and integration with MS Office.

Contact Plus Corporation
Specializing in customer relationship management and calendar software, Windows utilities, and anti-spam software.

Corporate Edge Software Inc
Smart Net, pet, hobby, and craft software.

Cottonwood Software
Windows enhancement utilities for power-users, plus screen savers.

Crazy Ivan Productions Ltd
Software development company specializing in streaming media.

Creative Software
Daily timesheet recording and reporting software for the small business owner.

Cross-Cultural Research Proj
Truth About Translation - an animated text-show about the history, theory, and problems of translation.

All the challenge and enjoyment of solving and constructing professional crosswords, acrostics, and cryptogram puzzles.

Crowndale Productions

Cruiser Software
Destroyer for Windows - the shareware classic, has been revamped and re-released for your continued enjoyment.

Crystal Software
Fix text fast using TextPipe Search Replace Pro on your web site, e-text, 2Gb files. Generate XML/CSV database extracts.

Crystalline Concepts
Productivity software for Win 95/98/NT. Creators of TimeKeeper, RGB and RGBPro.

Cuffs Planning & Models Ltd
Health-Minder software organizes family health records for people and pets.

CursorArts Company
Windows security, graphics & utility apps. Home of IconForge, SecurDesk, ImageForge, FileWrangler, pcRecall and others.

Custom Business Applications
My Passwords: Manage all your passwords, PINs, and other banking and security info in one application.

Developers of CyPics - Image cataloguing and slide show s/w built to handle tens of thousands of images on 100's of CDs.

CyberNiche Software
Developer of Windows database software for business and home users.

CyberSym Technologies
Artificial Intelligence tools and games.

Developer of Windows applications for business, industry, and the internet. Creator of Show Time Screen Saver Builder.

Cybration Inc
ICUII is an internet video chat program. ICUII has 320x240 pixel super sharp video unlike anyone else in the industry.

D & L Computing Inc
Provides flexible and inexpensive software solutions and specific tools for all levels of programming.

DAIR Computer Systems
Makers of PLD2 Retargetable Embedded Compiler.

Publish a photo album on CDs or the Web, using a regular web browser to view.

DOSgg ProgrammaTheek
User group for hobby users of personal computers running on a disk operating system (MS-DOS, Windows, etc)

DP Directory Inc
We'll write your Press Release and e-mail it to the computer editors.

DTLink Software
Makers of the award-winning Personal Stock Monitor investment tracking software.

Daily Toast
Captures and annotates any information with highlights, text notes, and voice messages, then send with default e-mail.

Darkhorse Industries
Developer of shareware applications.

Darkwet Network
Softwares fully usable and for a unlimited time (coverxp.com / webcamxp.com)

Datrim Software
Home of File Genie, the real-time backup solution.

DavidRM Software
Primary product is The Journal, personal journal software.

Dayo Inc
Developers of Dayo Accounting Software, and Internet solutions.

Decision Support Services

Data security, PKI, certificate authority solutions, smart card technologies, payment systems.

Delemme Diffusion
Specialization in Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and Acupuncture sharewares.

Delfyn Software
A collection of cool and original screensavers.

Delphi Shop Seven
VizAcc accounting system, organizer, diary. Also offers custom programming services.

Deva Associates LLC
Develops software for web navigation, such as Dreamweaver extensions and search engines.

Dexterity Software
Game developer / publisher for the PC Windows platform. Free downloads of great arcade, puzzle, and strategy games.

Diard Software
The author of Universe Image Creator. Create cool images of the Universe for a low cost. Windows platform.

Digital Life
Digital Life / Monthly PC magazine aha!PC

Shareware sales, credit card processing, product support and custom marketing services.

Dispro Software Ltda
Distribution of software for the Internet and LANs.

Danish download site with freeware, shareware, screensavers, and more.

DownloadFAST.com Inc
100% automated high-traffic download site; optional, integrated registration service increases sales, only 5% fee.

DragonWorks Interactive
An independant game development company dedicated to bringing you quality traditional adventure games.

Drawing Hand Creations
Watch as an artist's hand draws cars, animals, people, holiday themes, etc.

DreamQuest Software LLC
Shareware family card games - Championship Spades is our flagship product.

Duality Software
Productivity software for home and office use. Calendar software, event planner and contact manager.

Duke Software Solutions Inc
RecipEase recipe management software - comprehensive, powerful, scalable, easy to learn & use - superior user interface.

Dunes MultiMedia
WinNc 2000 Professional Edition is a file manager for Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP.

DynoTech Software
Award-winning educational software and puzzle games. Secure online ordering. Free online games.

DzSoft Ltd
DzSoft Perl Editor - the popular tool for Perl CGI programming, and other useful shareware and freeware.

E J Software
Shareware author.

EAST Technologies
Software innovation from East to West. Organize, maintain, and secure your hard disk with professional utilities.

EC Software
Publishers of Help & Manual, T.N.T Screen Capture, and EC Software Help Suite for Borland Delphi.

ENW Software
Ten Thousand Dice - a game of temptation and chance for up to 6 players.

EQF Software
Develops applications for Amateur Radio. The Log-EQF logbook is used worldwide by hams since 1989.

ERappaport LLC
Card Master is a Windows 95/98/NT program that plays more than 16 different card games.

Edit Plus - text editor, HTML editor, and Programmer's editor for Windows.

ESB Consultancy
Developers of math/stats s/w & components for Borland Delphi including ESBPCS, ESBStats, ESBPDF Analysis, and ESBCalc.

EYK Associates
Developer services for programmers and authors world-wide, from proof-reading to language advice.

EZSurfer.net & Xanadu-Soft.com
EZSurfer.net is the world leader in desktop portals, Xanadu XP is a browsing companion, rated 5-star at ZDNet.

Eastbow Lab
Monitoring Software Solutions. Automatic PC inventory manager, server performance monitor, document changes monitor.

Educa-SLC Dr. Leitner OEG
A software company specialized on customized WAN information systems (B2B) and productivity tools (B2C).

ElcomSoft Co Ltd
Password Recovery Software, Email Management Software, System Utilities.

Try FAX, FTP, and other software for free. ElectraSoft is a well established authority on software solutions.

Elfring Soft Fonts Inc
We make bar code fonts (barcodingfonts.com), MICR fonts (micrfonts.com), and popular font & clipart sets for Windows.

Elk River Systems Inc
TicketBench products offer a solution to designing & printing tickets. TicketBench, VenueBench, PrintersBench, more.

Ellen Theisen Communications
Provides technical writing, illustrating, and editing services to software companies and other manufacturers.

Elvish Consulting

Produces the ssh client ZOC and also communications and email software.

A full-featured e-commerce solution for shareware developers, provided to you by Qwerks.com Inc.

EmmaSoft Software Company Inc
Software solutions for business, small business, and home. Darn! Reminder! software, and EmmaSetup Installers.

Provider of quality software and consulting services.

England Software Enterprises
Specialists in MSDOS software with complete Windows compatibility. All data files are DBase4 compatible.

English Plus
Software & supplies to help with English grammar & spelling & entrance exams like the SAT/ACT/GRE.

Developers of custom Windows software for business and personal use.

Epsilon Squared Inc
InstallWatch - software for monitoring and documenting software installations.

Equinox Software
Weights And Measures Plus (WAM+) unit conversions and much more.

Erez Business Softwares Ltd
Producer of Erez Print Preview ActiveX controls for VB6: ErezPP1LTR for LTR direction and ErezPP1RTL for RTL direction.

Eric Isaacson Software
ZIPKEY zipcode and area code directory; A86/D86 assembler-debugger.

Erich Gueng Consulting GmbH
Professional shareware software products for project management, time recording, and software development.

Evans Programming
Provides activeX controls and system utilities to software developers, system administrators, and IT professionals.

Home of shareware programs for Windows: graphics and files utilities.

Excalibur Computer Solutions
Develops ASP components. Product line includes ZipMail, DNS, Whois, and Ping.

ExclamationSoft Corporation
Command link email tool, Mail control for integration with your app, web site monitor utility.

Executive Technologies Corp
Developer of multi-user applications for business. Business management, service industries, etc.

ExpressSoft Inc
Award-winning software for Internet.

Funny Bits From Your Talking Chips, because your Mac really wants to laugh and tell you jokes. Desktop fun, animated.

FLFSoft Inc
Developer of Microsoft Windows based software.

Software development company specializing in applications that help collectors organize their collections.

FP Software Laboratory
Screensavers, utilities, image processing developments.

Fairlogic Systems
WorldCast is a full featured bulk emailer and email address validator. AddPicker collects emails from Outlook.

FamTec Software
Products: FamilyData and Family Funds Tracker.

Famatech LLC
Develops remote control (Remote Administrator) and other network management software since 1998.

Fanix Software
Free downloads of handy software that make your life happier.

Streamline and speed up the way you surf the web with this essential browser - FastBrowser Pro

Finalhit Ltd
Developers of Ultra Screen Saver Maker. Range of services covers programming in C/C++, Java, PHP languages.

FinePrint Software LLC
FinePrint prints multiple 2, 4, or 8 document pages on a single sheet of paper. pdfFactory creates PDF files.

Fineware Systems
Quality software for home or office - Home of Space Hound 32 and DataPouch.

Firefly Software
Producers of TEXTools and ThoughtSpeed.

Fixzone Ltd
IT developers in London, NY, and Moscow. Suppliers of quality Borland Delphi components.

Flashline Media
Educational media and technical documentation for the small business.

Flix Productions
Award-winning animated educational software.

Flying Pig Software
Developers of financial analysis software. Products include Your Financial Partner, Your Loan Partner, and PayDay 2000.

Fogstone Enterprises
Makers of Windows turn based strategy games such as Lost Admiral, Conquered Kingdoms, Grandest Fleet, and others.

Foo Dog Software
Shooting Star reduces the time and effort required to manage eBay transactions.

Fookes Software
Quality software products from Switzerland, including the award-winning NoteTab family of text and HTML editors.

Force-10 Software Productions
Shareware software producer.

Forty Software LLC
Download Wonder, the cure for download amnesia, organizes and stores information about downloaded files as you download.

Frantzen Software
Low cost easy-to-use utility software.

Freelance Works
A company dedicated to the promotions of Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000 shareware programs.

Frogmore Computer Services
Provides tools and components for output applications.

FutureWare SCG
Exploiting OOP for software applications and turn-key development.

Fx, Sound & Magic
Windows desktop software development, Windows Media content production, ActiveX Custom Controls.

GLIPS Entertainment Inc
Independent software developer of Windows games and screensavers.

GP van Niekerk Ondernemings
TCP/IP, terminal emulators and network printing. VT, SCO Ansi, 5250, 3270, T27, HP700, UTS60, LPD, Socket Printing.

GPP Software
Makers of CMS CRM software, Setup Builder, HelpBuilder, ScheduleIt!, LLLIB licensing library, SSI and more.

GRH Software
Rescue Me backup system for Windows 95/98/2000+ and That's Music music database software.

Windows software development. Products: GRBackPro, GRDuw, GRKda, GRSeo. Prof Backup, Disk utility, search engines.

GTI Software
Home of GTI JPEGSaver, GTI MediaSaver, and GTI Desktop+.

Gammon Software Solutions
Publishers of MUSHclient - a MUD client program for Windows, and Area Editor - a MUD area editor for Windows.

GatorData Inc
Create professional looking banners, buttons, and web graphics quickly with Banner Maker Pro.

Genieworks Corporation
Provides multi-user browser-based business software such as time and expense management.

Gentee Inc
Freeware and shareware installers.

Giltrex Ltd
Windows music software.

Gitano Software Inc
Clarion consulting services and custom software development, from desktop applications, to enterprise network solutions.

Global Star Software Ltd
A Canadian publisher of software products with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

Golden Hills Software Inc
Makers of SurveyGold, the affordable, easy way to conduct surveys and exams on the Web, over the phone, or in person.

Goodsol Development Inc
Publishers of the solitaire game Pretty Good Solitaire, FreeCell Wizard, Solitaire Plus, and Free Solitaire.

Gorman Business Services
Bulk materials handling engineering software and an analytic geometry calculator.

Grabware Inc
Online custom CD fulfillment and shipping. Full service over the Internet, every CD has custom content, label & package.

Grace Software Solutions
TracHound, feature rich multi purpose project tracking application. Track issues, tasks, bug rep., change and work req.

Grade Eight Software
Specializes in software for Architects and Engineers and their practices.

Grade Guide
Grade Guide is a versatile flexible program for storing, retrieving, analyzing, and reporting of students' grades.

Grand River Software LLC
ASHE - A scripted hex editor. XLang10 - ActiveX scripting engine.

Grannys Old-Fashioned Software Inc
Ample Notice - appointments, alarm, PIM. Someplace - personal database program.

Gray Design Associates
Family-oriented puzzle and adventure games for your PC.

Great Owl Software
Software that lets you easily create and manage small graphic images such as icons, cursors, and thumbnails for websites

Grig Software
Files comparison and directories synchronization software.

Guia International
Developers of award-winning scheduling programs for managers since 1989.

Creators of GutmannSoft ScreenShot and InboxSpecialist software.

Guy Software
Business efficiency including Winhelp help files, critical path project management and database file conversion.

H&S Technology Inc

HHI Software Inc
Develops development tools for Visual Basic developers as well as automatic compressed backup utilities.

HPL Software
Dedicated to providing computer users with easy yet powerful utilities to make computing easier and more productive.

Hamumu Software
Develops Win95/98 action games. We emphasize humor and fun and above all simple, easy to learn gameplay.

Handy Home Software
Geneaology Gedcom C++ Library (under construction) Windows screen savers. MS Excel Templates.

HandyMed LLC
Primarily develops handheld computer software for those interested in medicine.

Hankyung PCLine
Publisher of monthly computer magazine 'PCLine'

Haversack Software
A bag full of great stuff. Card games, word games, puzzles, adventure, fiction, and more.

Hawaii Internet Focus
Creators of software tailored to a specific function without all the bells and whistles that hardly anyone uses.

Heidi Computers Ltd
Euro conversion tool for documents, spreadsheets, most applications and databases. Optimised for MsOffice.

Helexis Software Development
Developer of SitePublisher - smart FTP client for webmasters.

Helios Software Solutions
TextPad is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files. Easy to use by both beginners and power users.

Frigate - the next generation of explorer.

Herne Data Systems LTD
Home of MAXI Disk - the easy way to format and copy disks.

High Mountain Software
Developer of quality Windows software applications such as the popular iSpeed for Windows and SpamEater Pro.

Home Alone Software
Golf Tournament Scorekeeper. Tournament manager with team scoring and slope handicaps.

Home Plan Software
Easy Mail - absolutely the easiest way to print envelopes, mailing lablels, letters & memos. Home Plan Pro CAD software.

HoneyComb Web Design
An affordable alternative to the high costs of Website Creation.

Houk & Soles Inc
Food Service software including recipe costing, purchasing, inventory, menu planning, target vs actual costs.

Hubmot ehf
Developer of system utilities, custom software, and tailor-made database publishing solutions for the world wide web.

Hudson Software
Producers of WHOS-IN Lan based In/Out Board, PostCode Express (Australia), and WYWO/

Hughes Financial Services
Portfolio management software for spreadsheets.

Hunter's Info Service

HvB Computer Engineering
IT consulting, system analysis and system design. Development of database systems. Component development.

Hyperionics Technology LLC
Publishers of Windows best-selling screen capture programs - HyperSnap-DX, HyperCam, and FileBox eXtender.

IC Soft Inc
IC Soft Site Manager is the desktop bookmark management program that helps you manage your favorite web site links.

IDAutomation.com Inc
Barcode components including Barcode Fonts, ActiveX Controls, JavaBeans, Java Servlets and Encoders.

IDM Computer Solutions Inc
UltraEdit-32 professional text, HEX, and programmer's editor for Win32 platforms.

Innovative & user-friendly software products. doQuments - Document management system, EdgeTracer, DomaiNIC & more.

Image Integration
Developers of professional shareware and freeware products for Microsoft Windows 9x, ME, XP, and Win2000.

Creators of photography of Western American subjects and downloadable Natural Image screensavers for your desktop.

Impact Software
Producers of Microangelo icon utilities and Almanac calendar software.

Ingenieurburo OntariS
Developes individual software (e.g. knowledge management), technical trainings.

Ingenieurburo fur Softwareentwicklung
Developers of Daisy's Garden and Mystic Marbles shareware products.

Innerdive Solutions LLC
Offers software and integrated solutions for flexible and smart network management and monitoring.

Innovative Maintenance Systems
Providers of leading preventive and repair maintenance software for vehicles and equipment, including fleets.

Innovative Software Products
Document navigation and assembly program using numbers to represent directories. Document assembly via checkbox form.

Instinctive Systems Ltd
Book-It Membership and activity / event booking software.

IntelliMind Interactive Softwr
Interactive software

Interactix Corporation
Developer of Windows and Linux applications including Chamaileon, a powerful, highly configurable mail client.

IntoNET Technology Ltd
Euro-Share is a free daily e-mail discussion list for shareware professionals from around the world.

Invention Pilot Inc
Develops software for color correction and for filling out forms.

Invest-Tech Limited
Shareware, software, freeware, online tools and advice on making financial projections and writing business plans.

Invisible Ideas
Professionals dedicated to providing expert strategic, marketing, business development and engineering intelligence.

From flowers to the Apollo moon missions, some of the best photographic screensavers for Windows!

Island Online Inc
Developer of Chat++ communication software and databases. Developer of dynamic and database-driven web sites.

J.A. Associates
RPN Engr'g Calculator, more than 200 solutions with five keyboards: Std, Engr'g, Magnetics, Trig, and Convert.

Software development, consulting.

JB Business Enterprises
Technology solutions for small business: consulting, custom application dev, and shareware.

Developers of OnlyYou. Manage sensitive data. No more memorization. Secure data sent to apps. Forget passwords!

Creates convenient software solutions that will make your life easier; what one would call "just great software"

JIT Software Limited
Publishers of the Performance Organiser, organisation modelling software.

JSL Corporation
Easily create uniquely effective online tutorials with Screenbook Maker.

JafSoft Limited
Produces text conversion programs, of which AscToHTM (text-to-html) and AscToRTF (text-to-RTF) are the best known.

Jasc Software Inc
Developers of Paint Shop Pro, Media Center Plus, WebDraw, and After Shot.

JingleSoft Corp
Typing ABC provides unique visual tools to help you learn touch-typing easily.

John Palmisano Software
Software developer, publisher, and distributor. Developer of the Classic Mustang Analyzer software program.

Juan Trujillo
BrainsBreaker, a jigsaw puzzle game for Windows.

Judy's Applications
Publisher of Judy's TenKey, winner of the Ziff-Davis award for Desktop Accessory of the Year.

Shareware and freeware provider, our products including JufSearch, WhereIsIP, BadCopy, etc.

Juice Software Pty Limited
Some of the most successful and innovative web authoring shareware products on the market today.

Jummpa Sci and Tech Inc
A company who is bent on the research and development of DVD and multimedia technique. Developers of DVDCutter.

KMR Consulting
Business utility software, games, and free utilities.


Kayser Software
Software that you can try before buying.

KazMax Ltd
Authors of software solutions for sports administrators.

Produces a variety of freeware and shareware products. Please visit website for all product & services info.

Ken Kirkpatrick Software
We specialize in money-making personalization software for the entrepreneur & small business.

Canada-based shareware developer.

KeyFocus Ltd
Makers of innovative internet solutions.

Kinetic Creations Inc
Creators of fine Macintosh shareware: Kineticon, Export Icon, and Chalkmania.

King Stairs Software
Developers of Jot+ Notes and other top shareware!

Kinney Consulting
Developer of adventure game shareware.

Kiwi Enterprises
Kiwi's Syslog Daemon - a Windows GUI syslog daemon. Kiwi's CatTools - A Cisco Router backup utility.

Developers of software for students, teachers, writers, or anyone who needs to store and organize notes on research.

Knowledge Probe Inc
Educational games & puzzles for all ages.

Kookaburra Software
Developer of quality Internet software including Cookie Pal and 'Net Pal.

Kronos Software
Developer of fun, creative, and original shareware games for the Windows platform. Our games put entertainment first.

Kruse Control Software
Contact-Lens is the only Personal Information Manager with popup alarms that talk to you.

L5 Software Group LLC
L5 is a consulting firm and software development group with a wide range of software expertise.

Developers of Mosaic 2000, for building a mosaic from a numerical image.

Producer of Axe software family. Products include WinaXe (pc x server), nfsAxe (nfs server/client), Axessh (shh client).

LastBit Software
Password recovery and related software, system utilities.

Has been producing shareware for Windows 9x/NT/2K since 1997.

Leonard Jones
Biblical concordance

Lextek International
Supplier of high performance tools for text indexing and retrieval engines.

Lincoln Beach Software Inc
Publishers of Just Buttons, Just Tabs, just links, Black Hole Organizer, StarGate Link Boss, and FlexSite.

Liquid Audio
Liquid Player is a digital music application that lets you stream, download, play, rip, and burn audio CDs.

Developers of the Software Administration Kit, powerful order tracking tool for shareware authors.

Lockergnome's "info-taining" tech e-mail newsletters reach 300,000+ readers everyday. LG also hosts www.Gnomedex.com.

LocoLogic Development Co
LocoView95 32bit graphics viewer.

Developer of Konvertor, Flash 32, 1toX, HappyIcon, more.

Lose Your Mind Development
Produces utilities for Win95/98/NT, including Printer's Apprentice, a font management tool.

Descriptions and downloads for our financial, statistical, and graphing software. Home of Money Math, EqFit, and Grafer.

M & R Technologies Inc
Home of Financial Freedom Inventory and Billing Manager Pro for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT.

MAG Softwrx
Timeless Time & Expense

MCT Service Inc

MEDshare Inc
MEDshare#1: DOS,WIN 95,98,NT,2000,XP - Medical Office Management. COLLECT - A/R sub-system. SCHEDULE - Scheduler.

MG Software
Developers of kidsafe games for ages 7 to 107. Games - maze, logic, strategy, puzzle, board, tetris, mahjong.

WYSIWYG Equation/Drawing/Graphics editor.

MH Software
Quality shareware and bespoke applications, including InfoStore, IB2000, LetUknow, iCU, and docUment.

MJMSoft Design
Date, text, keyboard macro, and automation utilities for Windows.

MJT Net Ltd
Creators of Marco Scheduler - Windows macro automation utility.

Mace Software Inc
Non-violent, mind challenging shareware games such as AlphaZap, Alphatris, Hexx Wars II, Word Warp, and Chain Reaction.

Magenta MultiMedia Tools BV
Developer of the Magenta II MultiMedia Tools and Yammas, a multimedia creation tool for end users.

Produces timesaving freeware and shareware (localization tools, file and email utilities for Windows).

Do you have more than one email account or too much junk mail? Mailgov consolidates mailboxes and eliminates junkmail.

Manaccom Pty Ltd
Publishers and distributors of software in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Maranatha Consulting & Software

Marginal Software
Financial software

Developers of MM4XL, Marketing Manager for Excel. The 1st add-in fully dedicated to business decision makers.

Clinical chemistry software

MarshallSoft Computing Inc
Developer of serial (RS232/485) & internet communications (SMTP, POP3, FTP) libraries for C/C++, Delphi, VB, FoxPro.

Software development, hosting, and complete web solutions company.

Match Software
Micr E13B fonts, Block Letters and Cursive Handwriting fonts (D'Nealian compatible) Windows, Macintosh, custom work.

McClarnon Software LLC
Windows application developer, specializing in the development of custom database applications.

McStyles Software LLC
Software development services, specializing in Visual FoxPro for Windows and Macintosh.

Meaya Software
Meaya Popup Killer helps you to surf more comfortably by filtering 100% unsolicited pop-up windows.

MediaMatrixes Computing Inc
MP3 CD Extractor Easy MP3 Converter Easy MP3 to Wave Decoder Easy Wave to MP3 Encoder.

Mediatwins s.r.o.
MultiMedia tools. WMA Encoder Decoder, Ogg Encoder Decoder, AEDTools...

Medlin Accounting Shareware
Accounting for businesses. Programs include general ledger, accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable, & invoicing.

Melf Computing Limited
Microsoft Office development - custom Word and Excel templates, applications, and automated reports.

Merak Mail Server Software
Advanced mail server supporting unlimited users, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, HTTP protocols, onserver virus scanning, and more.

Merit Software
Engaging and interactive software that improves reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and math skills.

MetaProducts Corporation
Designs, develops, and invests in Windows software applications and commercial web sites.

Metamill Software
Metamill is a visual UML CASE tool supporting Java, C++, and C# round-trip engineering.

Micro Methods
Micro Register point-of-sale, inventory control, and accounts receivable software.

MicroVision Development Inc
MVD brings you SureThing CD Labeler, SureThing Office Labeler, WebExpress, and WordExpress for Windows.

Micronexus Software Australia
Developers of MSA Animal Husbandry software used by breeders, zoological parks and hobbyists worldwide.

Mid Atlantic Software Systems
Developers of Password Organizer, FindCIS, FindCSi99, FindEarthlink99, FindMindspring99, and FindFile OCX.

Midnight Blue Software Inc
Quality shareware, and our customer service can't be beat.

Midnight Soft
Complete IDE for Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP. Integrated Editor, CVS, UnitTesting, UML, Time Management and Bugtracking.

Millennium Software LLC
Atrex inventory control/point of sale and small business automation.

Mind/machine Interface Systems
OTP Scrambler is a one-time pad encryption program. EZ-Reader is a teleprompter program.

Developers of productivity software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

Make your own MP3s from your audio cd goal with ease.

Modernsoft Inc
Financial Genome, an Excel add-in, is designed to assist in financial analysis and forecasting.

Mom 'N' Pop's Software
CD-Rom, software, and shareware vendor. Large selection HAM radio, educational and other software. Established in 1989.

Producer of award-winning freeware and shareware utilities for Windows.

Moon Software OU
Makers of Multimedia Xplorer, Font Xplorer, Backup Magic, Password Agent, and many other software titles.

Moore Software Solutions
contact management software for Windows.

FormulaInfo is the extensive database about Formula One, starting by 1950 up to the current year.

Mountain Vista Software
Home of Fathom It!, solitaire Battleships for logical deduction buffs.

Mozart Music Software
MOZART the music processor for Windows lets you enter, save, edit, print, and play back music notation.

MultiMedia Soft
Developers of multimedia oriented software components, mainly ActiveX controls for Win9x/NT.

Multiminder Systems
Mile Manager Deluxe, PIM for your car, tracks trips, milage, elapsed time, money, client visits, creates reports.

Developer of EMail software.

MusicEase Software
Creator of the 5-star rated MusicEase intelligent score editor/accompaniment generator and Virtual Hymnals.

Specializes in quality software at affordable prices. Also does custom programming.

Mycroft Computing
Software solutions for small businesses featuring time and attendance programs.

SomaMinder: a program to maintain body awareness while working at your computer.

Myrro International
Basic and professional club membership software. Organize, track, and maintain membership data for groups of any size.

Mystik Media
Developers of Blaze Media Pro, a powerful all-in-one player, playlist, converter, and editor for all audio/video formats

Alchera dream journaling and interpretation software.

Creates quality shareware applications that help people solve problems and make productive use of their PCs.

Nedzad Orman
Lotto Hat - lottery software

NeoSoft Corp

NetPlay Software
Groovy Lava - create a chaotic artificial cellular life form to music or as a screensaver.

NetcPlus Internet Solutions
Developers of powerful, elegant, and easy to use intranet/internet servers for all business/SOHO networks.

FTP Now - FTP client for transferring files over the Internet.

NetworkView Software
A compact network discovery and management tool for Win32 platforms.

Neuber GbR
Software: Typograf: fontmanager, FontTwister: 3D text effects, Automatic time tracking tool

Nevrona Designs
Creates business software solutions focused on increased efficiency and productivity through innovation.

Newstun Developments P/L
Baccarat game to aid the player in mastering betting strategy and money management and have some fun at the same time.

NextUp Technologies
We make talking software that brings you useful information in new and unique ways to help get more out of your day.

Nexus Integration
Nexus Mainframe Terminal - a Telnet 3270/5250/VT/ANSI terminal and printer emulator.

Developer of screensavers since 1996. Over 80 listed screensavers as of this date.

Niche Shareware eXchange
Directory of unique and innovative shareware applications with links to developer's web site.

Nine-Patch Software
Improve test, teacher, and student performance. True Test Writer, True Study Skills, and True Score.

Nippon Educational Soft Lab
Developers of educational software in the field of math, geography, ecology, earth science, general.

No Nonsense Software
Windows shareware development. Supercat - award-winning file cataloging utility.

Nombas Inc
Scripting solutions in ScriptEase JavaScript. Embed scripting (ISDK) into applications or standalone scripting apps.

Makes engineering software for the oil & gas industry, designed for onshore and offshore field applications.

NorthStar Solutions
Shareware Author's Resource Guide: http://www.nstarsolutions.com/sarg.htm

Northern Codeworks
SWF Studio lets you convert Flash SWF files into stand-alone EXE files and screensavers.

Notation Software Inc
Musicians enjoy our software for reading, playing, and composing, and arranging MIDI music shown in standard notation.

NotePage Inc
Alphanumeric paging and wireless messaging software including internet paging applications.

Nova Software Inc
Network Equipment Performance Monitoring Tool.

Novagraph Inc
Chartist flowcharting and organization charting application for Windows 95/98/NT.

Novosoft Inc
Russian-American offshore programming company based in Austin, Texas.

Software for radio amateurs.

Nuclide.com BVBA
Developer of great downloadable games.

Internet copyright enforcement.

O'Brien Systems Limited
Backup and faxing software as well as many other services.

O'Donnell and Company
PCX2CCS - A counted cross stitch chart maker.

Comprehensive and innovative shareware registration service with competitive rates and a host of value-added facilities.

Home of OUI, the Offline Usenet Interface. OUI is an email & newsgroup client program.

Oakdale Engineering
DataFit nonlinear regression (curve fitting) and data plotting software.

Oakley Data Services
Producers of Windows software including SmartAddress, WebCompiler, etc.

Oliver Grahl Software Design
Shareware development

Onkar Consultants
A software development company with special emphasis on stand-alone and component softwares.

Open Window Software
Develops educational and utility software, concentrating on the award-winning WinFlash CBT tools.

Optimal Access Inc
Build personal navigation portals - easy access to thousands of favorite webpages & files from one customizable GUI.

Order1.Net, Mach5 Enterprises
Order processing & affiliate program for developers; Developers of Mach5 Analyzer, a log file analysis tool.

Provides high-quality Windows utilities for managing a PC and lan-network.

Otis Enterprises
Software for data collection and analysis in the social, behavioral, and biological sciences.

Overture Computing Corp
http-related products and custom software development services.

Oz Insight Pty Ltd
Produces an innovative multimedia enabled Usenet software suite - news server, newsreader, and News2Web gateway.

P & A Inc
Your best partner for Japan.

P1 Systems Inc
Phantom for Windows - a full featured recorder, scripting language, and scheduler for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

PC Experts
Specializes in d/b solutions (A-Ware 2000 for Shareware Author's, Instant Quote 2000, PC Reseller System).

PC Lubricant
A company that focuses on developing ActiveX controls and Windows utilities.

PC Talent
Customized software training, development, and consulting.

Complete support for PC users; community, software, and tutorials.

PKWare Inc

PPP Infotech Limited
Developers of PPPshar proxy, netMailshar (mail server), MailAssistant (speaking email notifier), and embedded webservers

PSA Software
PSA Cards is an easy to use personal information manager for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

PT Atlantis CiptaSoft Prima
Software publisher and developer in Indonesia.

PY Software
Internet and Multimedia software.

Pacestar Software
Windows diagramming tools for flowcharting, network diagramming, block diagramming and more.

Paessler GmbH
Software for webserver load, performance, stress testing and for server monitoring.

Pankhurst Algorighmics
Developer of software for Windows, Palm, and Franklin eBookMan, including games, utilities, and reference tools.

Sudoku, a puzzle game in the genre of (but worlds apart from) Minesweeper.

Para Technologies
Reminds you to take stretch breaks with animated figures while in Windows. Prevents repetitive strain injuries.

PassMark Software
Software for benchmarking and testing the reliability and performance of computer hardware.

Pata-Sucia Ltd
Creator of the software WinBlit Speedread.

Patrick Computer Services
Quality software at an affordable price.

Pentad Resources Ltd
Developer of innovative (and fun) 3D desktop applications.

Pentaware Inc
PentaZip is a powerful, award-winning compression program and file viewer. PentaZip is certified Windows 2000 and XP.

Pharos Games
Ally's Adventure game series based on classic literature, fantasy games, lighthouse and other scenic screensavers.

Developer of PQBrowser; automated, tabbed, multi-panel web browser w/thumbnail web page tabs and other unique features

Phoebus LLC
Developers of sensible software, designed with quality for productivity and fun.

PiQuest Software Inc
FileQuest, FileQuest Lite - file manager. FastOpen - Start Menu Tool.

Developers of software to organize digital photos.

Pimlico Software

Publishers of databases, organizers, catalogs, and information managers.

Pine Grove Software
SolveIT!, The Financial Calculator. Easy-to-use collection of 33 calculators for Win95/98/2000/NT.

Pingram Marketing
Advanced Call Center, an answering machine software. Telephony software development.

CaptureWiz, ZoomTools, ZoomPower

Specializing in Pocket PC software.

Poco Systems
PocoMail is a flexible yet powerful e-mail program with many features that do not compromise your security or privacy.

Poster Software
Creates graphics and publishing software for posters, banners, murals, presentations, and desktop publishing.

Posum LLC
Dedicated to supplying effective and affordable security solutions and software for all Windows operating systems.

Practical Systems
Handy Stuff

PrimaSoft PC Inc
Software for Home and Business PC users (Win95, 98, NT, & 31). Utilities, organizers, catalogues, internet tools.

Pringle Tree Software
EstateMap software is the comprehensive organizer of your estate personal information plus your assets and debt.

ProVariant Software LLC
Home of Weight-By-Date for diet and weight loss, and Gift Assist for advanced gift planning and automated reminders.

Professional Computing Solutions
Custom software developers for business and personal use.

Professional Support Software
Fundraising and donor management software for small to medium sized nonprofit organizations.

Progressive Logic
Specializing in screensavers and multimedia utilities for Windows.

Project Computers Limited
Specialists in corporate archival/data storage (20 yrs) - new shareware range - backup to CD/DVD & fun photo suite.

ProvaNet Communications
Develops easy to use TCP/IP utilities.

Publibox BV
Producer of Publibox Creator, software to develop digital publications on cd-rom, internet. Shareware cd-rom designer.

Puzzles By Joe
Games for Windows-based PC. Currently porting content to Java.

QP Software Limited
Developer of software designed to help businesses increase productivity and profitability.

Qivx Inc
Scientific and general purpose software, Delphi components and web developer utilities.

Quantoid Inc
Develops and markets Calc2 - a revolutionary calculator with the power of a spreadsheet.

Quma Software Inc
Publishes QVCS, an affordable version control system for Windows.

R&R EdWare
Utility programs for educators for grading, testing, plotting, and publishing progress reports on the internet.

R.K. West Consulting
Unusual software for home, business, and creative learning.

Games and utilities for Windows 95/98 and NT.

REL Software
Web Link Validator is a powerful tool that allows webmasters to find broken links or links containing syntactic errors.

RJ Software
Practical applications for the digital universe. Developer of ClockWise, QuadRate, and FNA (Windows utilities).

RM Laboratories
Developer and publisher of the Deluxe Bible for Windows and the Deluxe New Testament for Windows.

RPF Software
RPF Zip Control is an OS/2 GUI program which provides easy access to and manipulation of the contents of ZIP files.

RSIGuard Software
RSIGuard provides comprehensive software solutions for the prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

RVPM Designs
Primarily performs development of diabetes software for PCs and Macs and Palm OS platforms.

Radio Virgilio
Electronic scientific tecnic shareware software

Radley House Software
Makers of Readiness, FinancialPak, Password Master, and Book Collector Pro. Crisis proof your families future today.

Ralf Becker DV Beratung
Experts for database oriented software.

Ransen Software
Repligator, an easy to use graphics effects program, generates sophisticated graphics from simple images.

Ray Gudgeon & Assoc Pty Ltd
RGA License Manager, allows software evaluations manages protection and licensing. E-Commerce enabled.

Ray's Educational Shareware
Highly rated math, spelling, and chemistry software plus FREE multimedia educational software for 3-6 year olds.

ReGet Software
Producer of the word-leading award winning International Download Manager -- ReGet.

Readerware Corporation
Database software for books, music & video. Automatically catalog your library, with cover art. Barcode reader support.

Red Rock Technology
Application development using Visual Basic, ASP.NET, Web using Dreamweaver, ColdFusion. Database using Oracle, SQL.

RedHand Software Ltd
RedHand Pro - Internal network security monitor.

RegNow, a service of Digital River Inc
An e-Commerce outsourcing solution. We are the most flexible and can meet any of your outsourcing needs.

Reliable Software
Provides comprehensive info for the Dev-community like Code Co-op, the server-less VCS, and online book 'C++ in Action'

Reverie Software
Software for families and genealogy.

Rhino Software Inc
Develops quality internet software such as: FTP Voyager, FTPTree ActiveX control, and Interquick.

Rhode Island Soft Systems

Right Mind Logic
i*write - journal writing for professionals. You want to learn, You need to write.

Rimrock Software
Produces and markets Windows shareware and freeware.

Ritlabs SRL
The Bat! is a powerful e-mail client that has every feature that an advanced user needs.

RiverFront Software
WebDrive Transparent FTP client for Windows.

RjH Software
Developers of shareware and freeware applications.

Robinmatch Limited
Drawganiser - Automate repetitive file management tasks by making drawings of them.

Rose City Software
Provides co-development as well as promotional and marketing services for shareware developers.

Creates tools and applications for developers and designers.

Rudenko Software
RoboSoft: a program for professional shareware submitters. http://www.rudenko.com/robosoft.html

SCB Consulting
CARCare 2000 maintenance and expense tracking software for anyone with a car. Free 30-day trial.

SCBA Trak Software
Software for Fire and Safety Department record keeping.

SIIA (formerly SPA)
Software & Information Industry Association (formerly SPA). over 1500 members.

SIVART Software
AccuChef is a custom recipe program that lets you collect and organize your recipes, print cookbooks, and much more.

SLIK Software Ltd
DBExplorer a powerful database utility that lets you see what changes have occurred between two versions of a database.

SMI Corporation
Produces quality software at reasonable prices, including Periodic Table, Convert It!, Zippidy Do Da, Who Said That.

Saberman Inc
Windows software development, SAB Diskette Utility for Windows, SAB Bookmarks Converter, SAB Web Copier.

Sage Software
Casino simulation games including Video Poker and Blackjack amoung other games.

Salty Brine Software
Creators of FolderMatch, the feature-rich, quick and easy file/folder synchronization utility.

Salvisberg Software
Champ Prpgrammer's Library for Borland C++, the perfect tool for educational and scientific computing.

SandS Software Inc
Use PDMSB to organize, store, display and distribute all of your multimedia materials.

Saturday's Child
Shareware, freeware, and other fun stuff.

Sault Custom Programming
Small company that specializes in making great utilities.

Gluit - GUI controls for GLPro. Different Strokes screensaver, the animated screen brush that you can modify.

Schneiderman & Associates LLC
Distributor of electronic books and software.

SchoolBench.com LLC
Developer of Fundraising software and School Administration software.

Schoolhouse Technologies Inc
Educational software, including the Worksheet Factory collection of programs.

Schulenberg & Associates Inc
LinguaPro/SPANISH -- complete spanish teaching system. EDES/Model -- Nonlinear mathematical modeling system.

Science Translations Software
Publisher of FileTiger, the dual-window project backup tool, and Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger for Corel WordPerfect.

Scolasoft Edutainment
Our goal is to provide tools to enable children to improve and expand their knowledge while having fun.

Scooter Software
Developer of Beyond Compare, a file and folder compare utility.

Script Soft
A young software company from Germany that develops Windows programs like the tuning-tool WinSpeedUp.

SemWare Corporation
Developers of text editors (TSE Pro, TSE Jr) for Windows, DOS, and OS/2 since 1985.

Senator Games
Game company includes Bad Folkers and the customizable Memory / Concentration Trilogy.

Seraline Pty Ltd
Seraline screensavers produce an endless variety of colorful creative images, including 3D and fractals.

EditPro text editor, Advanced Grapher and other shareware applications.

International e-commerce service provider for shareware authors.

ShareTech Inc
Rocket Download features shareware with reviews & screenshots. Our store offers quality software for immediate purchase.

Shareware Solutions
Developers of Service Inspector, calendarPro, txtPro, and various other applications.

Promotional services for shareware; site submissions, file uploads, search-engine optimisation/registration and more.

Promotional services for shareware, site submissions, file uploads, search-engine optimisation/registration, and more.

Space Watch pro, Netwatch, Webstorm, www.link-n-go.com, www.shopfrontier.com, www.quickplaces.com

Shoptalk Systems
Liberty BASIC is an easy to use and learn programming language marketed primarily at the student and hobbyist.

Offers e-commerce outsource solution, credit card payment, affiliate system, multiple currency, low commission rates.

SigmaTech Software
fKey Template Designer - A Windows utility to print out a keyboard template of your program(s) function keys.

Silicon Mindset Inc
Software development and consulting services, serving financial, energy, telecom, and other firms.

Silver Creek Entertainment
Developers of Hardwood Hearts Spades, Euchre, and Solitaire. We make the games you play better!

Silver Onion Software Ltd
Games and application software development. Consultancy services. MS Certified Partner. Delphi, VB, Java, NET.

A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software.

Sistek Informatica Sas
Development of custom software and design of web sites. Translation and reselling of software.

Skulski Enterprises Eesti OU
Online distributor for Central and Eastern Europe. Poland: http://cro.skulski.pl Other: http://eesti.skulski.com

SkyMap Software
Specializes in astronomy software for the serious amateur and professional astronomer.

Skyhawk Technoligies
Cybercorder 2000 provides VCR-like recording for radio shows or any audio input.

Draw perfect flowcharts, org charts, business presentations, networks, floorplans and more with SmartDraw.

SmartLine Inc
Our products are positioned to help administrators take advantage of customer demand for effective network solutions.

Smartt Software
Tools for programmers and power-users.

Smiley & DeCarlo
HieroNote-hieroglyph tutorial;Air Travel Toolkit-USA;FontDings-best font tool;Pocket Change-ultimate currency converter.

Smoky City Design LLC
Creator of The Panorama Factory (www.panoramafactory.com) stitching software for fine art photographers and VR designers

Softexe.com, CIT AdaSoft Inc
Useful software for PC and Web.

Softpointer Ltd
Tag&Rename - mp2/vqf organizer.

Softricity Inc
Developers of the first service to stream software to consumers.

Softronic Oy
WinRAR and Rar archive and file compression programs.

Makes ActiveSkin, component for skin support in programs, and Chameleon Clock, a skinnable tray clock replacement.

Software 2010

Software Designs Development
Committed to providing tools that make your life easier and more productive. http://www.kbstart.com/

Software Insight
Graphics utility, modeling and simulation, and Windows component application development and consulting.

Software Online Limited
UNIX-like tools for Windows 95/98/NT.

Software by DalesPlace
SearchWin-the Windows search engine http://www.searchwin.net RPWiz-multimedia slide show tool LanLight-network monitor.

Lean and versatile tools.

In depth and well categorized software directory, 100% relevant content. No ad banners, no pop-ups, fast and nag free.

Softwrap Ltd
Secure digital distribution turnkey solution for software professionals. The virtual answer to shrinkwrap.

Network management tools for Windows.

Soleau Software Inc
Non-violent strategy logic games for the entire family - arcade, board, maze, and adventure games for hours of fun.

Solent Software
WebStripper - free (advertising supported) offline browser. Copy websites to your hard disk and browse offline.

SophSoft Incorporated
Parent company of Digital Gamecraft, developer of quality computer games and interactive entertainment.

Sorcerer Software
Develops custom software for the PC using the Windows operating system.

AJI2000 - Home Calculating Software. AJI_Tech - Engineering Calculating Software.

South Fork Technologies Inc
Software developer and steel detailing company specializing in software for the steel construction industry.

South River Technologies
Producers of internet file management utilities since 1996.

Spaeder Technologies Inc
Unique software for 32-bit Windows, including utilities, desktop applets, & Internet clients like WebTicker(tm).

Windows shareware developer. Genealogy software a speciality.

Spearit Software Inc
Quality software that solves real problems.

Spectrum Unlimited LLC
Birthday software News of the Past & CardWare, professional birth-date related history for scrolls, cards, scrapbooks.

Speed Drill Software Inc
Developer of custom databases, and publisher of SpeedDrillMath.

Sperry Software Inc
Calling Calendar(tm) is a computer phone calling program that will check your email and call you if necessary.

Spidla Data Processing, S.R.O.

Author of SpiteNET: Spite and Malice, the card game with an attitude.

SprintBit Software
MP3, audio and internet software.

Spud City Software Co
Developers of business productivity tools TraxTime and Desktop Dozen.

Starglider Systems
Utilities, information management tools and other software.

Starprint Limite
Print Visual Basic and VBA source code in professional looking format, Print Microsoft SQL Server Schema.

Steen Varsted Software
Software to administrate Windows 95/98 workstations with many users.

Steffen Software
Developer of the game Crime Fighter.

StepWare Inc
We develop and market our AceReader line of products. Productivity and Educational/Self-Improvement reading software.

Stilesoft Inc
Creator of the award-winning web browser NetCaptor.

Stiller Research
Integrity Master - full data integrity protection for your PC. Let's you know everything that is changed on your PC.

Strat-Tech Inc
Whitetail deer hunting, freshwater fishing software, food & diet software, tree identification software, expert systems.

Streiff Information Services
Specializes in quality internet/intranet, security, and related software.

Sunrise Mountain Software
Developer of EasySort IE.

SupPlus Software LLC
A Customer Care system utilizing a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for the eBusiness community.

Super Win Software Inc
Developer of quality Windows software, like WinRescue, WinEbook, Cheat Solitare, My Digital Photos, and RegVac.

SurfSecret Software
Developer of privacy products including SurfSecret and PopupEliminator.

SurfWare Labs
Software developer, image/file downloaders.

Suricate Software
Game developer/publisher of unique and innovative 3D games.

Survey Design Associates Ltd
Produces software for construction professionals: architects, engineers, and surveyors.

SwiftCD.com enables developers to deliver products & demos on CDs. Every CD can have custom contents, label, & package.

Synapsa Productions
Developer of VisiTrax, a DJ-friendly organizer for music CDs and other media, that imports CD titles via the Internet.

Synchron Data
Programmer Heaven, the internet's most complete source of free downloadable programming files.

Syringa Software Inc
Idaho-registered corp has produced math/science/finance and consumer-oriented software as well as development tool.

TAN$TAAFL Software Company
Top Secret Crypto - Data encryption program for files and email.

TBridge Software Co
Tutorial Bridge. Learn the game of contract bridge while at the same time playing and enjoying the game.

TG Byte Software GmbH
Developers of Setup Specialist, a visual setup development tool for the Windows platform.

TIM Electronic Office
Localizing services for Windows software between English and Japanese. (Translation, help file, testing)


Educational software: Teaching Templates - a set of authoring tools to create web-based excercises, tests, quizzes.

Developers of security, graphics, and desktop shareware applications for 32bit Windows environments since June 2000.

Tangent Software Pvt Ltd
Specializes in knowledge management solutions (infomediary) for the AEC and other industries.

Tangihua Technology Limited
Interactive electronic publishers and custom solution developers.

WinTask is an automation tool; with its recording feature, you generate automatically the macro.

TechSmith Corp
Capture images, text, and video with SnagIt. Record, edit, and publish high fidelity videos with Camtasia.

TechSyon Group LLC
Develops innovative tools and references to assist day traders, swing traders, and investors to increase their profits.

Virtual admin assist specializing documentation & databases. Use many apps in office support graphics & presentations.

Tepui Products
Solitaires is a huge and addictive collection of 330 solitaire card games for Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP.

TeraByte Unimited
Developer of the Bootit multi-boot line of products.

TeraStorm Software
Home of TeraPod product line as well as the Multiplexor Solutions.

Terminal Studio
Terminal Studio - shareware games and tools

The DeKaf Company
Development of numerous shareware products.

The Scrambled Card Company Ltd
Invoiceit! complete invoicing and cashbook accounting program with all the features you need in a small business.

The Silicon Realms Toolworks
Developer of powerful, easy-to-use software for developers, including the Armadillo software protection/licensing system

The Smalltalk Idiom
Building reliable, efficient, and smart shareware applications and components, for you, for Windows, for fun.

The Thompson Partnership
UK & European publisher/re-publisher of major shareware products.

Think Ahead Inc
Est. aid eligibility at public AND private colleges any number of years in the future. Play What If. Savings/Loan est.

Thomas Hoevel Software
We develop any sort of Windows software, primarily screen savers. Shareware, freeware for Windows, DOS, OS/2, JAVA.

Thornsdale Software
Professional software development.

Thornsoft Development Inc
Creators of ClipMate, a terrific clipboard extender.

TiNiT Ltd
Bespoke database and web development specialising in ASP, MS SQL, MS Access, Flash, XML, HTML, and DHTML.

Tiasoft LLC
Creators of security software, and productivity solutions for local network, intranet, and WAN environments.

Tibo Software
Developer and publisher of quality action puzzle PC Windows games.

Developer of PC games and software.

Tom Brennan Software
TN3270 terminal emulator for mainframe access.

Top Meadow
Developer of computer games.

Screensavers, MP3 players, Wallpapers, Software.

Torbert Data Systems Inc

Torn Space
Developer and publisher of independant games for Windows.

Tower Software
Sells a range of traditional card and board games including Serious Backgammon and Excellent Card Games.

Developers of the award winning solitaire collections such as SolSuite, 123 Free Solitaire and others.

Trendtech Corporation
Publishers of FasType, typing tutorial products for PCs using Windows or MS-DOS.

Trident Software Pty Ltd
PowerZip is a file compression program for Windows, which supports many compression formats, including ZIP, CAB, & RAR.

Web software at affordable prices. The world's no.1 MNG specialists.

TrollWerke Software
Drawbridge control system design and software, and operator training software.

Tropical Wares
Offers high quality and top-rated software for free download.

The biggest shareware archive with the largest distribution channel in the world.

Software for collectors of CDs, books, videos, DVDs, home inventories, and more.

Twilight Games
Aargon - 1999 ZDNet puzzle game finalist.

Tzolkin Corporation
Produces the TZO Dynamic DNS Client: Host your web site and more at your location.

Ulead Systems
Where you can download cutting-edge and award-winning photo editing, video, and internet software.

UnitOOPS Software
DropMaster, available from Raize Software Inc. Also consulting and development.

Universal Hint System
The Universal Hint System gives you just the hints you need to solve hundreds of computer games.

UnwiredTec Group
Wireless Media Creator - a powerful Java API for dynamic wireless media generation.

VARed Software
Producers of grading tools for teachers, especially VAR Grade for Windows.

A shareware company which specializes in homeuser-related and developer-related software.

Vasin Knoware
Produces intelligent data processing applications for business, and small useful utilities for Windows.

Veenetronics Corp
Educational software packages named Math Assault I and Math Assault II.

Ventris Inc
HANDYSCRIPT is a Language Input Interface that enables text entry using a numeric keypad.

Vermithrax Pejorative
Parsing tools.

Versamap draws outline maps on many map projections. Plot your own data; annotate, print, and export (BMP, WMF) maps.

Versatile Software Solutions
Publishers of software for business.

Virtual Mechanics Inc
Interactive animation and design software development for HTML, Dynamic HTML, SVG, Flash and other applications.

Virtual PROcessu
Palm Pilot, Linux, and Windows development company.

Vishwak Associates
Internet and Programmer tools based on Microsoft technology.

Visual Vision
Editors for Web authoring, HTML, WinHelp, e-books, electronic documentation, hypertext, CD.

VyPRESS Research LLC
Creators of real-time communications software for local network, intranet, and WAN environments.

WIH Software
Usefull tools for Delphi developers.

WISCO Computing
Home of Gradebook Power, Survey Power, Crossword Power, and other educational vocabulary software.

Software publisher operating in five languages, and 11 European countries.

WSS Division of DDC
Wssindex disk cataloger.

WUGNET Publications Inc
Windows Users Group Network (WUGNET). http://www.wugnet.com for information about users or our promotional programs.

Set of 4 Special Windows Folders fully integrated into the Windows shell. (Clones, Timers, Trails, Start)

Wattle Software
Produces XMLwriter, a powerful XML editor for Windows.

WaveL Software
Development of freeware/shareware image processing software.

Practical programs for home and office.

Web Position Gold
Position your website best using award-winning WebPosition Gold search engine software and consulting service.

WebAttack Inc
The world's largest collection of Internet software.

Programs include software for association management, purebred animal registry, report generator, & photo preview/print.

Dynamic content & website management system, with no DLL's. With open source options.

Westmill Productions Inc
Sniper, an application developed to track and terminate known processes that hang an internet information server.

Wheatworks Software LLC
Creates award-winning financial calculators for consumers and professionals in the financial services industry.

FileTender tracks file changes in selected folders and allows you to automatically write notes for these files.

Willies Computer Software Co
Developers of serial communication libraries/tools/drivers for Windows and multiport cards (RS232, RS422, RS485).

Wilson WindowWare Inc
WinBatch is scripting for Windows. scripts automate all aspects of PC operation.

WinZip Computing Inc
Developers of WinZip, an award-winning utility that brings the convenience of Windows to the use of zip files.

Useful Windows utilities and security software.

WinnowSoft PC tweak, optimization, customization, and cleanup.

Winter Park Software Inc
Easily add address completion and correction to your programs. Uses the US Postal Service online database. No local db.

Wizetech Software
Specializes in producing Windows utility applications for data cataloging.

Word Place Inc
Products: Yeah Write, a fast small easy to use word processor, and Email Workshop, broadcast email software.

World Time Products
Zonex World Clock, a new way to tell the time in all timezones on earth.

World Wide Software Publishing
Publisher and Distributor of quality shareware products from around the world.

Xantach Systems Inc
Developers of Retail i - retail management system. 32bit application designed for all retail environment.

XemiComputers Ltd
Software development and internet solutions.

Xequte Software
Image and Multimedia viewing and management software. Webmaster software.

DB to HTML Express - publish your database on the web.

YesGoal Inc
CoolSpeaking is a text to speech and wav converter.

YukonSoft Corp
E-Commerce website integration, point-of-sale and business automation software for small businesses.

The authoritative source of software downloads for tech enthusiasts.

ZPAY Payroll Systems Inc
ZPAY Payroll Systems, payroll software & utils & PaulsPicks.com Shareware Library & creates database driven web sites.

Engineering software for design and analysis.

ZY Computing Inc
Developer of MP3 CD Maker: Burn audio CD directly from MP3 files.

Ziata! Solutions LLC
Ziata! manages complex business relationships using the object oriented data (OOD) approach to data management.

Zilab Software
Administrative and remote computing software for NT and W2K.

Zorn Software
Product: Disk Piecharter, a graphical disk explorer.

Zugg Software
Author of zMUD, the world's leading MUD/Telnet client.

Produces Vendability 7.0, full featured customer relationship and contact management software.

aignes.com software
Main product is WebSite-Watcher, a web monitoring tool which detects and highlights changes.

alcomp Development
In business since 1992, primary focus is network software.

askSam Systems
Develops askSam, the leading freeform database, and SurfSaver, a browser add-on to save, search, and organize web pages.

Anyone can build a web app. A software engineer can do it cheaper and faster.

Games & Gambler Software.

bvba Woodstone
Quality software at a good price.

An e-commerce company with comprehensive solutions designed especially for software publishers.

fCoder Group International
Software company specializing in Windows-based applications for image processing, web design, and hi-tech engineering.

Authors of award-winning software, including PC security and password management utilities.

iOpus Software GmbH
PC security & internet software, custom development & consulting.

Developer of software tools, utilities, and PC security.

inKline Global Inc
Leading developer and publisher of award winning connectivity and productivity programs.

infacta Ltd
Group messaging solution developer.

Helps software companies increase sales and distribution on the internet.

logiware gmbh
Development of internet-applications.

nogoop software
Productivity tools for .NET developers.

Creates solutions for digital image management, image matching, image cataloging, and related products.

retiSoft Inc
Shareware products aimed at developers of "smaller" embedded real-time applications.

Develops all kinds of shareware and distribute via the internet all over the world.

theGray.com Ltd

An Enthusiastic young company dedicated to providing sound solutions for all your software needs.

Home of the world's most popular Windows CD Labeling Software: SureThing CD Labeler.

The #1 store on Internet for CD recordable supplies including blank media, CD labels, jewel cases and more!

Teacher Gradebook Software.

Survey software - web surveys, statistical analysis and charting.

LangPad .com
Insert foreign language characters in Wordpad and Notepad.

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